Affiliate data feed program

February 3, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Premium tools

Main problem that affiliates are facing is getting access to products that they can promote. In, Shareasale, LinkShare,….affiliate networks, you must join every affiliate program separately, also getting accepted into a program is really hard for many starting affiliates. And even if you join-in, you will end up with outdated feed filled with broken links. Or you have to pay for sorted feed 50 USD/month.

Luckily we created program that will lower your costs to ZERO and you will be able to get clean “ready to be deployed” data feed in matter of minutes.

This unique program will download unlimited affiliate datafeed from Prosperent affiliate network for your future usage.

Very fast program that will download affiliate datafeed from prosperent network. You can read more about Prosperent HERE.

Basically program will create folder, based on merchant name inside of programs folder and run loop to download all possible datafeeds /keyword,description,price,image url, category, brand…./ based on your querries /keywords,brands/.

Lets say you want to download “brown shoes”, leather heels”, “wedding shoes”,….. from Zappos
This will give you free hands with creation niche based websites from different merchants and maybe simular querries.

You can use all those data with plugins like woocommerce, all import, or use programs to import data into your affiliate sites: WP robot, Ubot studio,…

Check out the video to find out what it does, and how easy is to work with this app.

This program is premium program. You can get it for free if you sign up with any of our featured hosting for a year. Send us a message via contact form, and we will send you all licenced premium tools.

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