Facebook + Pinterest auto poster

February 2, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Premium tools

This program can automaticaly publish to your page huge amounts of posts. App is using Facebook API to do that, so it is completely legit, without any restrictions.

To make this program work, you need to do couple of things:

1. Get FB API token and ID of your Facebook page. You can get those “numbers” at:


Please look at this gif to find out how easy it is.

2. As a next step you need to supply “data” /information/, that you want to upload on Facebook.
You need to modify file data.csv inside of the application folder. Basic format is:

“title, url”

Please see attached gif to see it better.

3. Final step is to hit “Run” and let program automaticaly upload everything into your Facebook page via FB API.

Basically same principles apply to Pinterest. Program will publish information together with image URL to your Pinterest board.

This program is premium program. You can get it for free if you sign up with any of our featured hosting for a year. Than send us a message via contact form and we will send you all licenced premium tools.

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